kmt / n-o-m-a-d    office for architecture, landscape & urbanism member of n-o-m-a-d
borg, salzburg
mfz, altenmarkt
2016      Competition, Grammar School "Kleine Sperlgasse", Vienna, (AT)
             Competition, Professional school Wals, Salzburg, (AT)
             Study Housing, St. Johann i. Tirol, (AT)
2015      Competition Town Hall, Oberndorf, (AT)
             Finishing House Bin., Mitterberg, (AT)
             Finishing Officebuilding GDP, Graz, (AT)
             Competition, Schoolbuilding Smart City, Graz, (AT)
             Finishing Extension Schoolbuilding Pädak, Salzburg, (AT)
             Study Housing, Reith im Seefeld, (AT)
2014      Competition, Retirement homes Nonntal, Salzburg, (AT)
             Study, Semi-detached house Hietzing, Vienna, (AT)
             Competition, Schoolbuilding Wulzendorferstrasse, Vienna, (AT)
2013      Finishing House hu&hi, Rottenmann, (AT)
             Study Uni Credit, Graz, (AT)
             Competition, Housing Pradl Ost, Innsbruck, (AT)
             1. Prize, Competition, School Centre Trieben, (AT)
2012      Competition, VHS-Radstadt, (AT)
             Competition, Housing Paris-Lodron Strasse, Salzburg, (AT)
             Competition, Housing Ignaz Harrer Strasse, Salzburg, (AT)
2011      Finishing EG Studio 50, Vienna, (AT)
             Competition, Power Station Maria Alm, (AT)
             Nachrücker, Competition, Housing Zaunergasse, Salzburg, (AT)
             Extension, Elementary School Aigen, Salzburg, (AT)
             Competition, Hochbau ABM, Asfinag, Salzburg, (AT)
             3. Prize, Competition, Bundesschullandheim Schloss Tandalier, Radstadt, (AT)
2010      Competition, Schoolbuilding Maria Grün, Graz, (AT)
             Competition, Housing Areal Struber Kasern, Salzburg, (AT)
             Competition, Mehrgenerationenwohnen, Taxham, (AT)
             House Fle., Kaindorf / Sulm, (AT)
             Deer-Silo, Rottenmann, (AT)
             Forest house, Bad St. Leonhard, (AT)
             Competition, Extension School BRG, Wiener Neustadt, (AT)
2009      Competition, School, Seekirchen am Wallersee, (AT)
             Competition, Schoolcentre, Saalfelden, (AT)
             3. Prize, Competition, School for mentally handicapped children, Taxham, (AT)
             Nachrücker, 4. Prize, Competition, Business- und Housingpark, Graz, (AT)
2008      Competition, Foster home, Mödling, (AT)
             Competition, TU-Graz, Infeldgründe, Graz, (AT)
             Competition, Karlsplatzpassage, Vienna, (AT)
             Competition, Housing Mauracher Strasse, Salzburg, (A)
2007      1. Prize, Competition, "rooms for the future - BORG", Salzburg, (AT)
             2. Prize, Competition, Multifunctional Community Centre, Altenmarkt, (AT)
             Design of the facade, Mayr-Melnhof Systemholz, Gaishorn am See, (AT)
             Housing Stopselfabrik, Ötztal-Bahnhof, (A)
             House Opi., Donnerskirchen, (AT)
             Bärenhouse, Edelsbach, (AT)
             Farm house Mur., Gaishorn am See, (AT)
             "Loop", Heathfield, England, (UK)
             Extension office building carpentry Pitzer & Huber, Rottenmann, (AT)
2006      kmt - office furniture, Vienna, (AT)
             Office building Holz Marberger, Ötztal-Bahnhof, (AT)
             Competition, housing Aribonenstrasse, Salzburg, (AT)
             Competition, housing Kirchenstrasse, Salzburg, (AT)
             Mt. Olive Lutheran Church, Mukwonago, Wisconsin, (US)
             Hair studio Marta, Vienna, (AT)
             Exhibition Mozart 2006, Albertina, Vienna, (AT)
2005      Extension office building carpentry Baumgartner, Reichenfels, (AT)
             2. Round, Competition, Kultur- und Gesellschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät, Salzburg, (AT)
             Honorable Mention, Competition, housing Pauernfeinstrasse, Salzburg, (AT)
             House FranzInes, Graz, (AT)
2004      Exhibition, Instalation, steirisc[:her:]bst 2004, Graz, (AT)
             3. Prize, Competition, housing Sonnenpark, Salzburg-Aigen, (AT)
             PS-House, Eichgraben, (AT)
2003      Competition, Community and Event Centre, Zell am See, (AT)
2001      House Boder, Rottenmann, (AT)