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Mozart Exhibition 2006
(Albertina Museum, Vienna),
Design: Aug. 2005 - March 2006; Opening: March 2006

Program: Exhibition architecture
Client: Da Ponte Institut for Librettologie, Vienna
With: Ines Fritz
Vitrine Construction: Franz Walder GmbH, Werkstätte für Raumgestaltung, Ausservillgraten
Size/Area: 2.000 m²
Budget: Gesamtkosten 5,5 Mill. Euro, Ausstellungsarchitektur 400.000,- Euro
Copyright photos: Gerald Zugmann /
Corresponding with the curatorial concept, the architecture presents Mozart and his works within its time and context in a non-linear fashion. The density and complexity of information surrounding the perception of Mozart is spatially situated within the time when rococo was beginning to give way to the enlightenment, a period of transition which created the circumstances for the unfolding of Mozart's musical creativity.

A landscape of vitrines and walls in colorful response to the fantastical period of Rococo in the 18th century orders three-dimensional objects, texts and scores, and wall-images, and corresponds with a carpet designed by artist Franz West, which runs throughout the exhibition rooms. The visitor senses spaces where one perceives speed and staccato, and shifts from abrupt and sharp phases to smooth and flowing ones, in conjunction with the phases of Mozart's life. An architecture is created with curves and edges, depth and yet a floating lightness.